Salutation at the Threshold

Be welcome to Dicaeopolis.

The Site

Dicaeopolis examines the joy and the terror of people living together, through the paradigms of world history and human cultures. Discussions of politics, religion, education, and science also appear, along with book and film reviews.

The Author

Spencer C. Woolley is a graduate student studying world and medieval history. His primary research interests center around authority, power, and presence in the pre-modern world.  An avid reader of science fiction and fantasy, he also enjoys making soup and watching fountains. He lives in Utah with his wife and two children.

For Spencer C. Woolley’s professional website, please click here.

Site Caveats

Spencer C. Woolley writes things; those things may torment, enrage, or irk you. Please feel free to tell him off in a respectful, and accurate manner, worthy of a civil society.

Comments are encouraged, but are subject to moderation at Woolley’s whims.

A good guide to follow, adapted from John Scalzi’s blog, Whatever:

Comment as if your interlocutor stands before your eyes, clad in armor, and grasping a large sword; with them lurks a brutish cleric, gleeful to absolve bloodshed.

Incomparabiliter superna est civitas clarior. Ubi victoria veritas; ubi dignitas sanctitas; ubi pax felicitas; ubi vita aeternitas.

The heavenly City shines the brightest, beyond compare. There, for victory you have truth; for dignity holiness; for peace felicity; for life, eternity.

Saint Augustine, The City of God Book II, Chapter XXIX.

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